Earthquake: what do you need to know?

Sunday night’s severe 7.5 earthquake shook us all out of our beds, causing significant damage in the heaviest-hit areas, and widespread distress and upheaval across the country.  What do our clients need to know?

earthquake-1665892_1280We hope that our valued clients and their families are safe and well after the earthquake near Culverden and the resulting sequence of aftershocks we continue to experience.

We have clients from North Cape to Bluff. A large number will have been affected in some way – whether emotionally or via material damage to their property.

We are really feeling for those of our clients most adversely affected in the most heavily hit areas and our brokers are actively endeavouring to get in touch with those people to provide our support.

We will be liaising with all of our major insurance partners this week – they will be very busy fielding calls over the next few days.

Abbott offices

Our Wellington office was closed on Monday 14 November due to power outages, and also due to staff without power or in clean-up mode, at their own homes. Our Wellington office will be checked by engineers to ensure that the building is safe for our staff.

Our Christchurch office has remained open.

What to do

Many of you will be undertaking the all-too-familiar process of checking your homes and businesses for damage.

Our team is here, ready to support you and help you through the claims process.  Here’s a quick reminder of the steps to take.

Commercial Claims

  • Please call us asap on 03 3667536 or contact your broker directly.
  • Your safety and that of your team is paramount.
  • Please photograph any damage on your phone (where possible) and retain  any broken/damaged  items.

Domestic Claims

  • Please call EQC first  – 0800 326 243 (0800 DAMAGE)
  • Take photos of any damage on your phone, where you can, and retain any broken items.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of your situation. We are here to help you.



Published on Monday, November 14th, 2016, under Latest News