We all know that the most valuable asset of any business is its people.

Understanding employee benefits in an ever-changing human resource environment is fundamental to the success, and smooth running of any business.

We can advise you and provide a custom portfolio of employee benefits to fit your business model.

  • ACC
  • Income Protection
  • Key Person Insurance
  • KiwiSaver
  • Life and Disability
  • Medical
  • Superannuation
  • Travel Insurance


Armstrong Motor Group - For 18 years Rick Armstrong has trusted broker Derrick Abbott’s advice for all his insurance needs. The insurance liabilities for a prestige car business with six branches nationwide go beyond the usual. There’s motor cover for a large number of unnamed drivers for high value vehicles, the risk of damage to a customer’s car in the workshop, or theft from someone failing to return a valuable vehicle from a test drive. Normal building and premises insurance is needed and staff have travel and medical insurances as well as key person protection. Rick still appreciates the direct contact he has with his broker and says Derrick works as hard now to deliver cost effective insurance cover as he did at the start.