Construction Holdings

Construction Holdings company Apollo Projects Ltd, offers world class design and construction of food processing and storage facilities. With offices in Hamilton and Christchurch, they work with businesses in New Zealand and offshore including Canada, Africa, the Pacific Islands and Indochina.


A project to design and build an 8,000 square metre storage facility for export products at Marsden Point, near Whangarei, was progressing well. Three quarters of the way through the build, disaster struck when an unexpected tropical cyclone completely levelled it. Had the cyclone hit two weeks earlier or later the building would have survived; however, it was caught at a critical point of vulnerability resulting in $1.2 million of damages.

At the time, the project was insured via another broker but Abbott Group stepped in to pursue the claim on Apollo’s behalf. Stuart Speirs travelled to Auckland a number of times to meet with underwriters and his assistance with the claim was instrumental to reaching a successful settlement for the company.

Abbott Group have since become Construction Holdings’ insurer of choice.

“We also use Stuart’s advice on all other projects and especially the more complex, out of the ordinary ones. We have been involved in such things as the construction of a processing facility in Niger (Central Africa) and wineries in North America. Stuart’s assistance with risk management and arranging complex insurances have helped us minimise the risks and allow us to take on these jobs with confidence.”

Published on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013, under Business Continuity, Case Studies