Lear Jet evacuation proves importance of good travel insurance

At 5am on Friday 4th July our client, Jim, texted to ask us to call him urgently.  Jim was on holiday in Rarotonga with his wife and had suffered a moderate heart attack. He had been taken to hospital and was under the care of local doctors.

We immediately contacted the corporate travel insurance company AIG, who arranged for their specialists to contact Jim’s doctors.  Within a few hours AIG had decided that they did not want Jim to remain in Rarotonga and chartered a medical Lear jet to fly from Australia to bring him back to Christchurch. By Sunday morning Jim was safely in hospital in Christchurch awaiting surgery, which took place on the Monday morning.

We are very happy to advise that Jim has now recovered well. He was fitted with stents and back home by the Wednesday.

The cost of the evacuation was NZD$138,596.

Fortunately Jim was on an AIG Corporate travel policy  – all travel insurance is not the same and quality of cover is what matters.

Published on Monday, March 30th, 2015, under Latest News