A traumatic health event has repercussions at all levels – personal, family, and financially.

  • Medical Cover – Could you afford to wait on the list for public healthcare or would you need help to pay for treatment through the private system?
  • Trauma Cover – Could you afford to take time off work or pay for treatment if you had cancer or another serious illness?

If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to these questions with confidence, please contact us to talk about how you can protect yourself and your family.


Key Person Cover - When business owner Jane (name withheld on request) required immediate surgery and postoperative treatment after a routine breast examination turned her life upside down, she was grateful that she had taken her broker Derrick Abbott’s advice when he suggested that she and her husband should have Key Person policies in place. Although Jane and her husband had originally considered the policy a “nice to have” rather than an essential, Derrick had politely insisted that the policy was important. Fortunately the policy turned out to be a highly worthwhile investment, enabling Jane time away from the business while she recovered and paying out sufficient funds to enable them to carry on without any financial worries.