Southern QA

It had been a long held dream of Dee and Rob Penney to take a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate Dee’s 50th birthday.

As they breakfasted on board their luxury cruise ship one sunny May morning, they excitedly discussed the prospect of exploring that day’s destination – the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.

The sunlight was shimmering on the water as they climbed aboard a rental scooter and headed off on their day’s adventure. Just a few minutes later, their dream holiday was over.

A passing car had clipped their scooter, leaving Dee with a severed artery and tendons, while Rob was knocked unconscious. Two blood transfusions and emergency surgery later, Dee began the long slow process of recovery.

Rob, having miraculously escaped with only severe bruising, was left to manage the situation alone in a foreign country. Having previously been assured by Scott, their insurance broker, that they had excellent travel cover in place, he was about to put it to the test.

The outcome could not have been better. Rob got straight through to an emergency team in Auckland, and Dee was transferred to a brand new private clinic in Corfu town, where she received excellent treatment. As soon as she was given medical clearance, Dee and Rob were flown back to New Zealand in first class seats.

Just a week after they arrived home, Scott visited them with all the necessary paperwork. Having collected their notes and expense details, he then efficiently handled the whole claim on their behalf.

To their delight, just a short time later, their full claim settlement was paid directly into their bank account.

Thanks to Scott’s sterling efforts, almost exactly one year after initially setting sail on their dream cruise, Dee and Rob once again headed off to the Mediterranean, this time for a wonderful and decidedly less eventful holiday.

Published on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013, under Case Studies, Travel & Recreation