What do EQC’s claims handling changes mean for you?

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) reviewed its claims management process last year in the wake of widespread criticism following the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

Under a new agreement between EQC and the Insurance Council of New Zealand that came into effect in December 2016, policyholders now deal directly with their insurers for all earthquake-related house and contents claims, even if the claim is likely to be under cap.  (Previously, all claims were lodged with EQC.) 

The change was designed to improve the overall claims experience on the basis that insurers are better resourced to both receive and assess claims.

See the table below for a quick summary.


What is Abbott’s role in earthquake-related claims?

Our in-house claims team will continue to manage all over cap claims and advocate on our client’s behalf with the insurer.

Whereas previously our clients lodged earthquake-related claims with EQC and then were referred to us if the claim was assessed as over cap, all earthquake-related claims are now received by the insurer in the first instance.

If your claim is assessed as over cap by the insurer, our claims team will swing into action on your behalf.

While brokers are not formerly involved in any under cap claim, let us know if your under cap claim is not progressing with your insurer.  We can sometimes help get things back on track with the insurer, and we are always here for moral support.


Published on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017, under Latest News