Business Continuity is all about finding a way around interruptions to your business.

From damage to building, plant or stock, through to death or severe disablement of a business owner or partner – the right cover and advocate will enable you to focus on the rebuild, relocation or recovery required to continue your business.


  • Business assets
  • Business costs
  • Business equity planning
  • Commercial loan repayment
  • Trauma insurance

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ASKO - With their character building and home for the last 26 years badly damaged after the earthquake of 4 September 2010, ASKO’s owner Graham Marshall was thankful he had taken out earthquake insurance on the recommendation of his Abbott broker Scott Sheridan two years earlier. Scott’s tireless work to get temporary beams erected just 48 hours after the quake, allowed ASKO staff to rescue their precious stock before the building’s demolition. His efforts ensured ASKO could reopen their business and continue trading as quickly as possible.